Cut, Copy, and Paste

Cut, copy, and paste objects using standard keyboard shortcuts, the context menu, or the Edit menu.

You need to select the objects before you can cut or copy them. You can also perform any of these functions using the right-click menu.
To Do this Note
  • Press Ctrl+X.
  • Select Edit > Cut.
  • Press Ctrl+C.
  • Select Edit > Copy.
You can copy an object by holding down Ctrl as you drag it. (This only works if you have Move selected in the Preference dialog under Modeling Space.)
  • Press Ctrl+V.
  • Select Edit > Paste.
The copied object is pasted on top of the original object. Press M to use the Move tool to move the copied object.
Paste Instance Right-click, and then click Paste Instance. An instance creates a copy of the part that is linked to the original so that whenever one is updated, the other is automatically updated as well.