Align Parts to Features

Align parts to features such as points, edges, faces, and holes using the Move tool.

  1. From the Home tools, click the Move tool.

    Or press M or T.
  2. Select one or more parts.
  3. Click the tip of an axis manipulator on the Move tool.

  4. Click a point, edge, face, or hole to align the selected object to that feature.
  5. Right-click to exit the tool.
  • Selecting a cylindrical hole will align the selected part or entity to the axis of the hole.
  • Use the icons on the microdialog to align the Move tool to the select object's local or global axes.

Examples: Aligning a Part to a Feature

Figure 1. Part Aligned to a Point

Figure 2. Part Aligned to an Edge

Figure 3. Part Aligned to a Face

Figure 4. Part Aligned to a Hole