Run Status

View the status of the current run, as well runs for the current model that have not yet been viewed. To see all past runs, you need to view the run history.

  1. .

    The run status is displayed.

  2. When the run is complete, review its status.
    Status Description Note
    The run completed successfully. This is also indicated by a green flag above the icon.

    You can click the green flag to display the results.

    The run was incomplete.

    Some but not all of the result types may be available. You should run a new analysis to generate complete results.

    The run failed and no meaningful results are available. This is also indicated by a red flag above the icon.
  3. View one or more runs.
    • To view a run, double-click the row.
    • To view multiple runs, hold down Ctrl or Shift while clicking the rows, and then click the View Now button.
      Note: If several runs are associated with the same part, the result from the most recently completed run for that part will be activated in the modeling window.
    • To view deleted or previously viewed runs, click the History button.
Tip: To open the directory where a run is stored, right-click the run name and select Open Run Folder.