Perform Sequential Simulations

These four basic simulation types - transient, static, quasi-static, and linear - can be combined in general ways to exercise your models in complex ways.

Here is a simple example:
  1. Static simulation in the initial configuration using MKEAM.
  2. Dynamic simulation until t = 5.0 seconds with 500 steps.
  3. Linearize and perform an eigensolution.
  4. Continue with dynamic simulation for 1 second.

It is also possible to alter the topology and data in your model in between simulations. An example of a topology change is to activate or deactivate a joint. An example of a data change is to modify the stiffness of a spring.

MotionSolve XML command elements can be used to alter topology and data in the middle of a simulation. For detailed descriptions of these commands, refer to the MotionSolve Reference Guide.

Please note that MotionSolve currently requires that linear simulation be last in the sequence of simulations. This limitation may be removed in the future.