Soft-soil Data Input

The input data can be categorized into three areas: basic, advance, and terrain. The inputs for basic and advance are inserted within the solver arrays. The terrain data is read from files.
Contains basic track geometries and soil information required for the model. In most cases, the basic data is enough to run a realistic track model simulation. This allows you to perform design studies of a track without needing too many details about soil properties.
Additional data that defines soil properties in more detail. The files are required only when the advance file trigger is on (BAS_OR_ADV=2).
Files that describes the terrain (relief) with vertical and horizontal dimensions of the driven surface. The paths to the terrain input files need to be specified in the model.

Basic Files

Required input files:
File Title Filename Comments
General Data - Part 1 N/A The data is received by the solver.
General Data - Part 2 general.dat
Link geometries link_geometry.dat
Basic soil properties soil_properties.dat
Basic properties of sinkage and shearing sink_shear_basic.dat

Advance Files

Required input files:
File Title Filename Comments
Advance soil properties soil_properties_adv.dat These files are required only if BAS_OR_ADV=2
Advance properties of sinkage and shearing sink_shear_adv.dat

Terrain Files

Terrain profile for I_COR=1 required file:
Title of file Filename
Terrain profile soil_input_1.dat
Terrain profile for I_COR=2 required files (NG files):
Title of file Filename Comments
Terrain profile No. 1 soil_input_1.dat The actual number of the files is equal to the number of the track group NG.

The maximum number of files allowed is 10.

Terrain profile No. 2 soil_input_2.dat
Terrain profile No. 3 soil_input_3.dat
Terrain profile No. 4 soil_input_4.dat
Terrain profile No. 5 soil_input_5.dat
Terrain profile No. 6 soil_input_6.dat
Terrain profile No. 7 soil_input_7.dat
Terrain profile No. 8 soil_input_8.dat
Terrain profile No. 9 soil_input_9.dat
Terrain profile No. 10 soil_input10.dat