Frequently Asked Questions

Can I model non-linear bending of beam like components?

Yes, you can model the non-linear bending of a beam up until the material’s elastic load limit.

My model fails to solve, what are some areas I can look at?

If your simulation fails, please try one of the following:
  • Reduce the maximum order of the integrator to 1 or 2
  • Remove any damping factors specified for the NLFE components (set them to zero).
  • Try to increase the number of elements in your NLFE component
  • If you are modeling hyper elastic materials, you may want to try using the Neo-Hookean model before using the Yeoh or Mooney-Rivlin as these are more sensitive models and require accurate material constants from test data.

I attached my NLFE body to a fixed joint, but it does not behave as if it is fixed. What is going on?

Please see Forces, Joints and Motions with NLFE Bodies.

How can I contour the deformations for my NLFE component?

Currently, you cannot. Please see Post-processing: Generate Results for NLFE Components.