Create a Customizable Configuration XML File

The ADAMS files (ADM and ACF) are interpreted by the ADAMS Dataset Reader (ADR), which is responsible for identifying and translating this file's information into XML. The generated XML is the input for MotionSolve.

Figure 1. Data Flow from ADAMS to MotionSolve

Without a mapping file, some manual editing is required after the ADR converts the deck to XML format.

To eliminate the manual editing process, a customizable configuration XML file is created, called a Mapping file.

Figure 2. Role of the Mapping File in ADAMS and MotionSolve
  1. To translate ADAMS input files into MotionSolve XML input files, edit the mapping file as shown below:

    Figure 3. Example of a Mapping File
  2. In the Edit User Variable dialog, fill in the Variable name and Variable value fields as shown below. This tells MotionSolve how to find the mapping file you edited.

    Figure 4. Setting the Environment Variable

With all the various customization features discussed in this chapter, you are able to create your own environment around the core solver. Solver enhancements are available and the product can be customized to suit your needs.