RD-T: 3510 Cantilever Beam with Bolt Pretensioner

This tutorial demonstrates how to simulate a simple cantilever problem with a concentrated load at the free end, using Dynamic Relaxation (/DYREL) method to obtain a static solution.

図 1.
The model description is as follows:
Length (mm)
Time (ms)
Mass (kg)
Force (kN)
Stress (GPa)
Simulation time
cantilever_start_0000.rad [0 - 40 ms]
Steps to setup this model
Fix the Cantilever Beam to the support with a 10 kN pre-tension. The bolt attains 10 kN in 10 ms and remains constant thereafter.
After pre-tension, a concentrated load of 0.72 kN is gradually applied at the free end of the beam from 10 ms to 40 ms and it remains constant thereafter.
Material Used
Elasto-plastic material /MAT/LAW2.
[Rho_I] Initial density
7.83e-6 Kg/mm3
[E] Young's modulus
205 GPa
[nu] Poisson's ratio
[a] Yield Stress
0.792 GPa
[UTS] Ultimate tensile stress
0.9771 GPa
[E_UTS] Engineering strain at UTS
Input file