OptiStruct Interface 2021 Release Notes

Altair HyperMesh

New Features

Include File Drive Mapping
On import of solver decks that contain includes, HyperWorks now allows mapping from one folder path to another to import include files where the include path written in the solver deck doesn’t match the location of the files, which includes different paths due to different operating systems. Found in Preferences > Drive Mapping or in the Solver Deck import options, you can define the source path where the files reside and the target path as written in the solver deck and use this to successfully import files without the need to edit the include paths in a text editor.
Auto Contact Enhancements
  • Ease of component selection from graphics to detect contact automatically with specified tolerance.
  • Accept or Reject detected contact through contact traverse.
  • Review, modify contact pairs using advance selection.
  • Contact browser for advanced query the contact pairs created using auto contact.
String-Based Input
  • String-based labels offer easier identification of entries in the input file.
  • Labels can be used to identify entries via their corresponding ID field.
  • New solver option in export browser “Export as named entity” with free format export.
  • Labels export supported for Properties and Materials entity and their corresponding references.
Solver Browser Enhancements
  • You can create solver cards from the solver browser.
  • Cascading menu organized solver entity list.
  • Ease of creation with reduced panel dependencies.
Model Check Enhancements
  • Check for AXIAL JOINTG elements with coincident grids.
  • Check for missing CID2 for relevant JOINTG element types.
  • Info to list non-zero length JOINTG elements.
JOINTG Element Enhancements
  • New combination joint types: RPINROTA and CARTORIE.
  • DAMPING input for JOINTG property PJOINTG.
  • Check elems, Free 1-d’s enhanced to identify free JOINTG elements.
Thermal Analysis Enhancements
  • One Step Transient Thermal Stress Analysis for nonlinear static subcase.
  • New bulk card TEMPT.
  • ASSIGN card updates.


Updated Keywords
  • Added CONTF output request for linear static analysis.
  • Axial displacement as input for GAP elements in DRESP1 cards.
  • PLOADSF updated to assign element set.
  • DOPTPRM card updated with OPTIMOMP option.
  • SET entity updated with subtype as property for formula-based sets.
  • CFAILURE, CSTRESS and CSTRAIN output cards are updated with CORNER input in location option.
  • TLOAD1/TLOAD2 enhancements to reference Temp/TempD load as excitation load with excite type as TEMP.
  • KNLINE in PBUSHT accept TABELG as input.
  • SECTION card name field updated to define up to 80 characters in free format export.
  • PCONT card updated to input ‘LONG’ as input in FRICSEL field.
General Enhancements
  • Solver option in export browser to export DMIG card in long format to retain the precision.
  • Tool tip description update for missing solver cards.
  • Solver option in export browser to export “Include file path relative to include statement.”

Resolved Issues

  • Performance improvements while import solver input file.
  • OSSMOOTH for smoothing ply shape was not consistent.
  • Mishandling of ASSIGN cards on import.
  • OUTPUT card export trailing comma which results in solver termination.
  • Unable to reference SET in RSSTRESS response type in DRESP1 card.
  • ASSIGN card truncated.
  • PRETENS load displays inconsistent graphics.
  • Performance improvement while reviewing subcase info in entity editor.
  • STRESS I/O card export issue.
  • PLOAD card unsupported without CQUAD4 element.

Altair HyperGraph


Reader enhancements
Summary Supported Format
Support .spcf generated from NLSTAT analysis. .spcf
Support plotting mode versus frequency directly from .out files. .out
Support acoustic analysis results from PCH files. .pch
HyperGraph reader extracts OptiStruct mass by property/component values. .out
Support for .pret and .secrec files. .pret


Export curves in the OptiStruct TABLEG format. .tableg