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Set Variable Time Step

Set Variable Time Step

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Set Variable Time Step

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When running time dependent analysis, HyperXtrude allows you to specify constant time step or to use different time increments to advance the solution. The Variable Time Step command allows you to use the second approach. The syntax for this is:

SetVariableTimeStep t1 n1 t2 n2 t3 n3...t5 n5

The above command means that there are n1 steps between 0-t1 seconds, n2 steps between t1-t2 seconds, and so on.



SetVariableTimeStep 5 4 100 19

This means the following:

Total simulation time is 100s
Between 0-5s, step size is 1.25s (which is 5/4)
Between 5-100s, step size is 5s (which is 100-5/19)