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trim with lines subpanel

trim with lines subpanel

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trim with lines subpanel

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Allows you to trim/split surfaces using a line (or a group of lines).  There are three methods of doing so:

Trim with a cut line: you can drag or draw a line across the screen to define where you wish the cut to be made.
Trim lines: lets you sweep existing lines to surfaces, effectively projecting a copy of the selected line to the selected surface and trimming it.  For example, this allows you to use a circular line currently offset from the surface to create circular holes in the surface.
With offset line: This lets you select existing lines on a surface and create offset or scaled copies of them to trim the surface.


Trimming a selected surface(s) to a line involves sweeping a line along a vector to create a temporary surface, and trimming the selected surface(s) with the temporary surface.  You can use the entire surface/distance = toggle to set the distance the line is swept, or use a calculated distance that trims the entire selected surface(s).  If the temporary surface does not intersect the selected surface(s), an error is reported.  When a surface is trimmed, it is actually broken into smaller pieces (surfaces).  After the surface is trimmed, you can delete any unwanted surfaces.


Example: Trimming a Surface with Lines


Before trimming. Surfaces are selected.


Entire surface is trimmed with the line.


Example: Trimming a Surface with Offset Lines


Here, only the outer rectangular surf and the circular line are selected.

Panel Input



with cut line: surfs selector

Pick the surface to trim.

drag a cut line

Click this button to graphically create a dragged line to cut the surface. A line stretches dynamically between the first point selected, and the current location of the mouse pointer.

smooth line

Creates a curved line that passes through the points you specify

close line

Creates a closed loop, automatically connecting the first and last points that you specify.

with line: surfs selector

Pick the surface to trim.

with lines: lines selector

Pick the line you want used to trim the surface on your model.

The following types of lines can be selected:

free lines (default).  Only select free lines.
surf edges.  Only select surface edges.
lines.  Select any type of line.

along a vector / normal to surface

Select normal to surface to trim the surface directly "under" the line, as if the line were a new surface that intersects the selected surface perpendicularly.

Select along a vector to specify the angle from the line to the location of the new surface split, as if the line were a surface concurrent with the specified vector.

entire surface / distance

Choose between trimming the entire surface, or trimming only a user-specified distance. If you choose to use a specific distance, specify it in the distance = field.

vector selector

Select the vector coordinates.

keep line endpoints

Retain the line’s end points as fixed nodes on the trimmed surface

all attached surfaces / selected surfaces

All attached surfaces creates a new offset trim line in each surface that the selected line connects to.

Selected surfaces allows you to specify which surfs you wish to trim.


Specify the offset.  The resulting additional lines will be generated this distance from the selected ones.

select closed loops

This checkbox will automatically select enclosed chains of line segments when picking lines.  Otherwise, only the line segments specifically clicked will be selected.



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