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To display entity IDs

To display entity IDs

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To display entity IDs

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1.Click the switch and select the data type of the entities whose IDs you want to display.


2.Indicate the entities where you want to display the IDs by picking them on your model, or click the data type and choose from the extended entity selection menu or list provided.


3.Click on.

The entities' IDs are displayed and added to the numbers mark.




When the on function is selected, the selected entities are placed into a numbers mark.  When a redraw operation is performed, the IDs of the entities that are in the numbers mark are plotted.  Since ID plotting can greatly affect the plotting performance of the graphics kernel, the menu item display has been added. display allows the ID plotting to be temporarily suspended without changing which entities are on the numbers mark.  If display is selected, the IDs of the entities on the numbers mark are plotted.  A situation where display would be effective is if a large number of entities were on the numbers mark and several viewing operations were going to be performed.  If display is not selected prior to the viewing operations, and is selected afterwards, plotting can happen at a higher rate of speed. display can also be used to temporarily reduce the number of graphic entities on the screen.