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Set Analysis Requirements

Set Analysis Requirements

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Set Analysis Requirements

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The next checkbox is Set Analysis Requirements.

In the step, you will have to answer a series of questions to describe the model under consideration. Each equation has only two valid answers and the dialog will help you pick one of them. These requirement questions are grouped together.

hmtoggle_plus1greyPage 1 - Process Data

This page has all the questions related to model and type of analysis.


Process Data dialog

hmtoggle_plus1greyPage 2 - Analysis Data

This page includes few analysis questions.


Analysis Data dialog

hmtoggle_plus1greyPage 3 - Advanced Meshing Data

This page has advanced meshing control questions.


Advanced Meshing Data dialog - Optional

hmtoggle_plus1greyPage 4 - Select Components

In this page:

for every component, select the applicable layer
on each layer, select the type of material to be assigned

Right click on each item to assign it to the highlighted object.


hmtoggle_plus1greyPage 5 - Inlet and Outlet Surfaces

In this page, select the inlet and outlet surfaces for each layer of Polymers.

Click Next to proceed to the next page.


hmtoggle_plus1greyPage 6 - BCs and Process Conditions

Select the BC parameter data. Click OK to save and close the Set Analysis Requirements tab.


Click OK to save all the selections of the Set Analysis Requirements tab.