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The Hydro macro lets you set up tube hydroforming models for both RADIOSS Incremental and LSDYNA user profiles.

Select Tools > Hydro > Hydro Setup. The following dialog appears:


Note:   Before running the Hydro macro, you need to have tool and blank components available, and you need to create and assign a material and property to the tube component.


The following table lists the options on the dialog and describes how to use them:


What You Need to Do

Upper die

Select a component for the upper die.


Enter the velocity of the upper die motion.

Total travel

Enter the distance to be traveled by the upper die to close with the lower die.

Lower die

Select a component for the lower die.


Specify the upper die motion direction.


Select a component for the tube.

Coeff of Friction

Enter the friction between the tube and tooling.

Initial pressure

Enter the starting pressure inside the tube before closing the tooling.

Final pressure

Enter the maximum pressure inside the tube at the end of the hydroforming operation. Pressure is linearly varied between start to end.

Adaptive level

Select the number of levels that the tube mesh requires to be adapted or refined.

Axial feed

The Axial feed is an optional operation. When selected, it defines the axial feed for the tube ends. You identify the ends by selecting a node at the tube edge. The axial feed required is provided as displacement. The axial feed starts after the closure of the upper die.


Click to complete the model setup, export the solver deck, and start the solver run.


Click to close the dialog once the solver run is in progress.