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Circle Grid

Circle Grid

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Circle Grid

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The Circle Grid panel allows you to show relative magnitudes and associated direction of major and minor strains with respect to deformed mode by displaying circles drawn on the blank surface.  This is similar to the circle grid analysis technique used in the press shop to assess formability.

Access the Circle Grid panel by clicking Tools and selecting Circle Grid.


How do I…

expand-green-10Show blank deformation by using circle grids
1.Pick the elements you want to display.
2.Select Initial Circle to show the initial status of the blank.
3.Select Deformed Circle to show the final deformed status of the blank.
4.Set the toggle to cir & dir, cir only, or dir only to show the circles and/or major and minor deformed direction.
5.Click draw.
6.The circle grid is displayed.  If you change the display method, click display again to refresh the screen.
7.To clear the circles and/or directions, click clear.




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