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Blank Shape Predictor

Blank Shape Predictor

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Blank Shape Predictor

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The Blank Shape Predictor lets you predict a blank shape or trim line based on the final part shape of the manufacturer's net shape stamping.


1.Select Tools > Blank Shape Predictor, and the following dialog opens:


2.Choose either the Predict or Import tab to enter your data:
Import: Lets you import and load the final formed part and target line into the HyperForm session.
Predict: Lets you predict the blank shape or trim line using the components in the session.


Using Predict

1.The Predict option matches the blank shape or trim line against the Target line. For this operation, you need to specify the location of the result file for each stage of the forming process starting from stage one for the Blank Shape Predictor, or trim stage for the Trim Line Predictor.
2.Select the following: final formed component, target trim line, and draw direction.
3.Click Predict. The software calculates the prediction based on your results files and then loads the predicted blank shape into the HyperForm session.

For more information about the Blank Shape Predictor, see the tutorial: HF-3130: Blank Shape Predictor.

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