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The Autotipping panel allows you to set the user-defined stamping direction for the part. You can also tip (orient) the part in a formable position along a user-defined stamping direction. This position may not always coincide with the one that an experienced process engineer may recommend.  From the Tools menu, select Autotipping.

Select a reference point for the base point in the space about which the rotation required for autotipping are applied.

For the base point, select a reference point in the space about which the rotation required for autotipping is applied.  You can either pick a point or node from the graphics area or type in the coordinates of the base point.  The base point is set to (0,0,0) by default.

The autotipping option will reduce the draw depth by making the z-axis the stamping direction.


How do I...

expand-green-10Specify Autotipping
1.Toggle to full model or half symmetric model based on the currently displayed model.
2.Click calc autotip to determine the autotipping angle.
3.The value of the angle is displayed in angle =.
Note:HyperForm also displays the components of the autotipping angle about the global X and Y axes that can be used to correlate the part orientation before and after autotipping.
4.Specify the base node about which autotipping needs to be applied.
5.Click autotip to rotate the model to the new orientation.
Note:The exact rotations about the x and y axes applied during autotipping are reported on the header bar.
6.Click undo to reject the new orientation and rotate the part back to the original orientation.
7.Click rotate to manually move the model to the desired position.


expand-green-10Specify Stamping Direction

Stamping can also be done in any of the three principal axes or an arbitrary axis in space by using Stamping Direction in the Autotip panel. Use the stamping direction subpanel to specify the stamping in an arbitrary direction.

1.Use the vector selector switch to assign a direction.
2.Click set.

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