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graphics file subpanel

graphics file subpanel

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graphics file subpanel

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The graphics files subpanel allows you to specify options for output graphical captures (JPEG images or AVI videos) of the graphics area.

The following options are available:

blank background

Since the graphics area normally uses a colored background, you can use this option to omit the background color gradient (replacing it with flat white).

jpeg quality

Use this slider to set the desired blend between small file size (left) and high image quality (right).

save JPEG

This button creates JPEG capture of the graphics area so that you can test and see the results of your current settings.

print when done

Automatically sends the image to your default printer whenever a screen capture is performed.

AVI options

These options apply only to Audio-Visual Interleave videos. You can choose the video resolution relative to your current desktop resolution (full screen, 1/4 screen, or 1/9 screen). You can also choose between creating videos using 8 bit color (256 total colors, resulting in smaller file size but possibly lower image quality) or 24 bit color (16.8 million colors for maximum image quality, but larger file size).