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The enrich command is used to enrich the polynomial order of the elements in the mesh. Mesh enrichment can be isotropic or directional over the entire domain or portions of the flow domain.



enrich domain direction {order|minorder|maxorder} n



Valid entries for domain are: all l (for entire mesh) | set set_name (name of the set eg: billet).
For boundary element sets, the set_name will be: {BC on bcname}, where bcname is the name of the boundary given in the *.grf file.
Valid entries for direction are: iso (isotropic refinement) | xi | eta | zeta | normal
-normal indicates that the refinement is normal to a boundary and will work only if the set is a set of elements on a given boundary.
-order denotes the new polynomial order (P) of the elements. The value of P must be less than 4.
Order of approximations of all DOF's in the direction specified will be set to n; this means enriching if the current order is less than n, and un-enriching if the current order is greater than n. The option minorder (maxorder) causes this command to enrich (un-enrich) only to the order n (i.e., in this case we do not necessarily get a uniform order n in the direction specified).