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drag along normal subpanel (Solids panel)

drag along normal subpanel (Solids panel)

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drag along normal subpanel (Solids panel)

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This subpanel creates solids by dragging surfaces along their normal.


The yellow arrow displays once the surface is selected, and indicates the surface normal.

Five inputs are required to create a solid using this method:

The surfaces to drag.
-Solid faces can be selected as input.
The Keep connectivity option maintains the connectivity of the input surfaces to any attached surfaces. If the input surface is part of a solid, this must be enabled.
The merge solids at shared edges option applies when one or more input surfaces are attached to each other.  This does not apply to single surface or unconnected surface selections.
-If disabled, a solid is created for each input surface, with shared faces created at the shared edge locations.
-If enabled, a single solid is created with merged faces created at the shared edge locations.
The create in method, which defines the resulting solids component organization.
-Specifying the current component organizes the new solids and the selected surfaces to the current component.
-Specifying the surfs component adds the new solids to the same component that the selected surfaces already belong to.  The result is unpredictable if surfaces from different components become a part of the same solid.
The distance defines the length to drag the surface along its normal.
The direction of the drag.
-Drag + is defined using the surface normal direction.
-Drag - is defined in the opposite direction.