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Color Editor

Color Editor

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Color Editor

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The Color Editor panel provides options for selecting the background color, the color spectrum, toggling the color bar on/off, setting the type of color fill, and selecting a data color range. The functionality of each option appearing on this panel is described below.


Color Editor panel




Color Spectrum

This option sets the color spectrum for slicing planes, isosurfaces, etc., to one of the following:

b-c-g-y-r - blue-cyan-green-yellow-red spectrum
b-g-y-r - blue-green-yellow-red spectrum
g-y-r - green-yellow-red spectrum
y-r - yellow-red spectrum
grey - grey scale

Spectrum style

Provides color spectrum style options including: full, with gaps, multiple, and pseudo. The pseudo option is typically an expensive option, which is provided for obtaining document quality shaded images.

Inverted Spectrum

Inverts the selected color spectrum.

Color fill

Provides for smooth or discrete (contours) transition when color filling a surface. Continuous shading is not implemented in the XT mode and on the PostScript hardcopy.

No. of levels

Sets the number of discrete levels to use with the Color fill and Contours options.


Exits the panel.



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