Register Reports

Register custom reports in HyperStudy by editing the preferences file.

Tip: Add to your list of reports with custom reports. To learn more, reference Create Reports.

Register Reports by Editing the Preferences File

Register reports in the *BeginRegisterReportGenerators() section of the preferences_study.mvw file.

  1. In the Editor, open the preferences_study.mvw file.
    Tip: You can find the preferences_study.mvw file in the HyperWorks installation directory under <install directory>/hw/prefinc/.
  2. Search for the syntax *BeginRegisterReportGenerators().
  3. Immediately following the existing *BeginRegisterReportGenerators() statements, register further reports using the following syntax:
    Full path of the report, including file name and extension.
  4. Save the preferences_study.mvw file.

Register .data Report in the Preferences File

In this example, a .data report is added to the reports section of the preferences_study.mvw file.