Set User Preferences File

A preferences file is an ASCII file that configures the application or its clients, and specifies default user settings such as the readers, functions, and solver script locations.

A standard preferences file is created in the program installation directory and is executed every time a license is activated. An additional preferences file can be created in your working directory, and can contain personal settings that will either overwrite the standard preferences file or be added to the existing settings in the standard preferences file.

By default, HyperStudy uses the default preferences file ($HST_ALTAIR_HOME/hw/preferences_hst.mvw).
Note: To use the custom preferences file in batch mode, you need to use the option –preffile “preferences file name.mvw”. For more information, refer to HyperStudy Start Options.
  1. From the menu bar, select File > Use Preferences File.
  2. In the Set Preferences File dialog, select your custom preferences file and click Open.
HyperStudy reads the default preferences file in the installation directory, followed by the preferences file that you specify. This ensures that all readers and import templates are available.
After you have set a user preferences file, you can select a new preferences file or disable the custom preferences file.
  • Select a new custom preferences file by selecting File > Set Preferences File from the menu bar.
  • Disable the custom preferences file by selecting File > Use Preferences File from the menu bar. The Use Preferences File checkbox should be off.

Preference File Reading Sequence

The locations and order in which HyperStudy will load preference files.

  1. Read main installation preference
    • getenv("ALTAIR_HOME") + "/hw/preferences_hst.mvw
  2. Read user preference files
    • getenv("USER_PREFERENCES_HST" (points directly to a file)
    • getenv("USER_PREFERENCES_HST_DIR")/*.mvw (all *.mvw files in directory)
    • Linux: (Linux) getenv("HOME")/.preferences.mvw
    • Linux: <current working dir>/.preferences.mvw
    • preferences.mvw (single file)
      • getenv("HW_SETTINGS_DIR")/HyperGraph/preferences.mvw
      • Windows: C:/Users/<user>/Documents/HyperGraph/preferences.mvw
      • Linux: $HOME/.altair/HyperGraph/preferences.mvw
    • preferences/*.mvw (directory)
      • getenv("HW_SETTINGS_DIR")/HyperStudy/preferences/*.mvw
      • Windows: C:/Users/<user>/Documents/HyperStudy/preferences/*.mvw
      • Linux: $HOME/.altair/HyperStudy/preferences/*.mvw
    • getenv(HW_CONFIG_PATH), a list of directories separated by semicolons
      • In every directory, HyperStudy tries to read <dir>/preferences.mvw
    • Read -preffile commandline argument
    • Read registered GUI preference file
  3. Read study preference file (hstbatch only)
    • <studyDir>/_usr/hstudy_pref.mvw