Model Import Options

Entity management settings defined when importing models.

Entity management settings will be initiated if there is a match (and conflict) between component IDs (PID), property IDs (SECID), and material IDs (MID) in the current HyperMesh session and the incoming binary files. If the component, property, or material IDs do not match, then no action will be taken and entities will be imported as is.
Note: By default, component IDs will be offset and merged to the relevant part. Selecting Keep Incoming Attributes or Keep Existing Attributes for component, property, and material entities and selecting Keep Incoming Only for Geometry/FE is the most common action for this use case.
Components, Properties, and Materials
Offset ID
Merge incoming attributes with conflicting IDs into the session, and offsets their IDs. This is the default option for components, properties, and materials for representation entity management.
Keep Existing Attributes
Maintain existing in-session entity attributes and incoming conflicting entity IDs.
Keep Incoming Attributes
Map incoming entity attributes to the in-session entities.
Keep Both
Keep both incoming and existing geometry and FE residing in the component with conflicting IDs.
Keep Existing Only
Keep existing geometry and FE that resides in the component with conflicting IDs.
Keep Incoming Only
Keep incoming geometry and FE that resides in the component with conflicting IDs. This is the default option for geometry and FE for representation entity management.
When loading connectors along with a HyperMesh binary file, HyperMesh checks for conflicting spot and bolt connectors.
Note: IDs are not considered when checking for conflicting connectors.
Define options used to find conflicting connectors by clicking , to the right of the Connector option.
Tolerance used to find conflicting connectors. Connector coordinates need to be within a certain tolerance from each other.
Link Check
Compare used links by link type, link name, and ID (active by default).
Thickness Check
Compare the number of layers (active by default).
Attribute Check
Compare the diameter, configuration, solver, and postscripts (inactive by default).
If a connector is not identified as conflicting, then the connector will be imported following regular import mechanisms. For conflicting connectors, the following options are available on import:
Keep Both
Import conflicting connectors.
Keep Existing Attributes
Prevent conflicting connectors from being imported.
Keep Incoming Attributes
Remove existing connectors, and imports conflicting connectors.