Pre-processor Verification and Validation (CAD Modeling and Meshing)


  • Check for loss of geometry information during CAD I/O for different CAD-HM interfaces.
  • Compare exported CAD models with the re-imported model (CAD-CAD comparison; HyperMesh APIs used).
  • Perform entity comparison, surface area comparison, check for matched/unmatched overlapped areas, intersected regions, and surface meta data information.

Figure 1.

CAD Model Comparison Across HyperMesh Versions

  • Similar to CAD I/O, except two exported CAD models are compared from different HyperMesh versions using CAD-CAD comparison APIs.

Figure 2.

CAD-Mesh Comparison

  • CAD model is auto-meshed and the meshed model is compared with the original geometry to see how well the geometric surface is captured in the FE model.
  • Report deviations in the CAD-MESH region comparison.
  • Surface area comparison.
  • Matched/unmatched, overlapped, intersected regions.
Figure 3.

Meshed Geometry Comparison across HyperMesh Versions

  • Check the consistency of the meshed geometry.
  • QI and other element checks are compared along with surface area comparison, matched/unmatched overlapped, intersected regions, using FE-FE comparison HyperMesh APIs.
Geometric Entity Count and Comparison
Points, Lines, Surface, Solids, Assemblies, Components Quality Index
Surface Area Comparison
Matched, overlapped, intersected, unmatched

Surface Metadata

Edge/Line Length comparison: Red, green, yellow, blue

Figure 4.