Hydromount Damping Block

This block stores a set of coefficients for the hydromount formulation. The block name is a concatenation of HYDROMOUNT_DAMPING_ and the force or moment direction. For instance, if the direction block selects the hydromount formulation for the FZ direction, then the property file should contain a [HYDROMOUNT_DAMPING_FZ] block.

The data block contains a scalar value that determines the number of preload sub-blocks. For each preload there must be a corresponding data sub-block defined as: (PRELOAD_N) where N is a number from 1 to M with M being the total number of preloads.

Each Hydromount Damping block in the property file must contain all twenty-two (22) hydromount damping parameters.

The following tables shows the names, type and dimension of the parameters. Abbreviations are: [A] = angle dimension, [F] = force, [L] = length, [T] = time.

Table 1. Parameters Associated with Rubber
Parameter Name Type Units FX, FY, FZ
R real [T-1]
K0 real [F][L-1]
K1 real [F][L-1]
K2 real [F][L-1]
C0 real [F][T][L-1]
C1 real [F][T][L-1]
C2 real [F][T][L-1]
P0 real No-Units
P1 real [L-P2]
P2 real No-Units
Q0 real No-Units
Q1 real [L-Q2][TQ2]
Q2 real No-Units
Table 2. Parameters Associated with the Fluid Model
Parameter Name Type Units FX, FY, FZ
MN real [M]
KH real [F][L-1]
CH1 real [F][T][L-1]
CH2 real [F][T][L-1]
J0 real No-Units
J1 real [L-P2]
J2 real No-Units
L0 real No-Units
L1 real [[L-Q2][TQ2]
L2 real No-Units
Table 3. Parameters Associated with Transition from Rubber to Full Hydromount
Parameter Name Type Units FX, FY, FZ
XR real [L]
XH real [L]

In a property file, a Hydromount Damping block has this form:

SPD_FILE_NAME = 'C:\Users\rajivr\Desktop\input_50289_fz.spd'

R       = 0.001
C0      = 308.74
K0      = 275.345
C1      = 111.554
K1      = 1659.511332
C2      = 0.266419
K2      = 4.01626
P0      = 1.0
P1      = 0.0
P2      = 1.0
Q0      = 1.0
Q1      = 0.0
Q2      = 1.0

Mh      = 0.01
Kh      = 90.0
Ch1     = 0.10
Ch2     = 0.50
J0      = 1.0
J1      = 0.0
J2      = 1.0
L0      = 1.0
L1      = 0.0
L2      = 1.0

XR      = -1.0
XH      = 0.0