Constant Stiffness Block

Constant Stiffness blocks store the translational or rotational stiffness for a given direction.

The following table describes the parameters stored in a Constant Stiffness block. Abbreviations are: [A] = angle dimension, [F] = force, [L] = length.

Parameter Type Dimension FX, FY, FZ Dimension TX, TY, TZ
K real [F][L-1] [F][L][A-1]

If the direction block selects the constant stiffness formulation for the FZ direction, then the property file, for example, must contain a [CONSTANT_STIFFNESS_FZ] block. The form of the block is:

K = 6000.0

The dimension for stiffness for translational directions is [F][L-1] and for rotational directions [F][L]. When read from the property file, the stiffness is converted from the units defined in the property file to the solver model units.