Altair HyperWorks Licensing 2021 Release Notes

New Features

Product license features
The following new Altair 2021 applications are available under Altair Units licensing:
Inspire Resin Transfer Molding
Inspire Resin Transfer Molding is used to simulate the process of resin transfer molding and its variants, such as vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding which is used to manufacture polymeric composites by infusing a thermoset resin in a fibrous preform and curing. It uses the RTM module of HyperXtrude Solver to simulate the process.
It also uses the license feature InspireMoldGUI for the interface and its solver uses the feature InspireManufacturingSolver. They both use 30 units. The first instance of the solver is leveled and subsequent instances are stacked.
Squeak and Rattle Director and Material SNR
Squeak and Rattle Director (SnRD) is included in HyperWorks Desktop applications. It requires the additional new license feature SNR to invoke this new function. The Squeak and Rattle Director can connect to the Material SNR database, which will call the license feature MatDB_SnR.
Altair Material Data Center
The license feature MaterialDatabase is required to leverage the Altair Material Data Center.
Altair License Manager
Altair 2021 products require Altair License Manager 14.5.1. The License Manager is compatible with previous versions of Altair software.

For more information, reference the Altair Units Licensing section in the HyperWorks documentation.