Run a Feasibility Analysis

Run a forming feasibility analysis on a model.

  1. On the Feasibility tab, Analyze icon, click Run Analysis.

  2. In the Run Analysis dialog, enter a name for the analysis.
  3. Select an Operation type: Crash Form or Draw.
  4. Select the Mesh Size. Choose from the following options: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Custom Nonuniform Mesh or Custom Uniform Mesh.
    Note: Adjust parameters for the Custom Nonuniform Mesh in Preferences where you can define default values for Chordal deviation, Min element size, Max element size, and Feature angle. You can override this value for Max element size in the Run Analysis dialog.
    Note: Use the lightning bolt to restore the mesh size to the default parameters set in Preferences.
  5. Enter a Coulomb friction coefficient. The default value is 0.1
  6. Optional: Select Springback to perform springback analysis after feasibility. Springback results are available as an Operation type in the Analysis Explorer to view the displacement. You can also publish springback displacement in Inspire Form's generated report.
  7. Click Run.

After the run has successfully completed, view the results in the Analysis Explorer dialog.

Tip: Once you have started to run the analysis, you can close the Run Status dialog and continue working without disturbing the progress of the run. Check the status of the run at any time by clicking the Run Status tool. When the run is complete, a flag appears over the Analyze tool group.