Unexpected Run Analysis


The run did not progress as expected.


Excessive thinning, thickening, or wrinkling


  1. Select the Run in the Run Settings dialogue.
  2. Click View Now to review the live results so you can pinpoint where the run failed. Observe thinning results to understand what you need to modify to achieve a successful run. Excessive thinning indicates that you must reduce the blank holding force, interface friction, and draw bead restraining force. Excessive thickening or wrinkling indicates that you must increase the blank holding force, and locally add draw beads near the wrinkling locations.
  3. Check the gap between the tools in the Closed Position to ensure it is not less than the sheet thickness.
  4. For multistage operations, check for the proper positioning for the tool and blank at the start of the run. If automatic tool positioning resulted in interference, use Manual positioning to define the tool position.