Using the Application Macro

Execute the application macro in POSTFEKO to plot S-parameter traces on a Cartesian graph.

  1. Start with a POSTFEKO session containing at least one model with S-parameter configuration results.

The results from a single S-parameter configuration request will be provided as input to the macro.

  1. Execute the application macro to plot the S-parameters.
    A dialog prompts the user to select the configuration and plot settings.
  2. Carry out the choices to set up the S-parameter graph.
    1. Select the S-parameter result.
    2. Indicate which coefficients to plot by selecting at least one of the options to Plot the reflection coefficients or Plot the transmission coefficients.
    3. Select Plot in dB if the Y axis should be in dB.
    4. Select Plot on a new graph to add the selected results to a new graph.
    5. Select Finish.

    Figure 1. Dialog for selecting the result, quantities of interest and graph settings.
  3. If a new graph is selected, enter a name for the graph on the next dialog and select Finish.

    Figure 2. Dialog for entering the graph name.
  4. View the graph generated by the macro.

    Figure 3. S-parameter graph with transmission and reflection coefficient magnitudes in dB for an MRI birdcage model.