Edit Tool

In the edit mode, you can mark objects by clicking on the object using the left mouse button.

If you press and hold down the Ctrl key while doing this, you can mark multiple objects without unmarking the other objects.

With the Ctrl key held down, clicking on an object already marked lets you unmark this object.

To unmark all objects just click somewhere in the free space between objects.

With this tool, you can also mark all objects on the screen that are completely inside a specified rectangle. Just click with your left mouse button where you want the rectangle's first corner to appear. Then you can drag the rectangle to the desired size and save it by pressing the left mouse button again. All objects appearing inside this rectangle in the current view plane will be marked.

Once you have marked one or a couple of objects, the cursor changes to a four-way arrow as soon as it gets close to an object's line. With this cursor displayed you may press down the left mouse button and drag all marked objects just where you want them to be and drop them there by pressing the left mouse button again.

You can also cut, copy, paste and delete all marked objects by using the corresponding shortcuts or commands in the Edit menu or by clicking the items in the Draw toolbar.