Process Parameters

Use the Process Parameters icon to define the filling, gelling and tilt-pouring processes of the simulation.

Location: Foaming ribbon, Process icon


Use the Basic tab to define the conditions for ending a simulation.

Ending Conditions

Set the conditions to end your analysis with these parameters:
Parameter Description
Filled Volume End the simulation when the material volume in the mold reaches the specified percentage.
Gelling Rate End the simulation when the gelling rate of the material reaches the specified percentage.
Time End the simulation when the filling time exceeds the input value.
Continue to Calculate the reaction after filling Select this option to continue calculating the foaming reaction after the cavity is filled.


Use the Advanced tab to define tilt-pouring events for a foaming analysis.

Tilt Pouring

Select the option for Tilt Pouring on the Advanced tab and define the parameters in the microdialog.
Parameter Description
Select and manipulate the Move tool to define the mold-tilting location, or enter the X, Y and Z coordinates in the microdialog.
Rotation Axis Select the axis to orient the tilt of the mold.
Preview Play an animation of the of the tilt-pouring rotation.
Time Enter the start time for each tilt-pouring event.
Angle Enter the angle of the tilt relative to the current position of the mold.
Insert and delete rows in the data table for tilt pouring:
  • Select the first button to insert a row in the table after the selected data point. The default value is 5 seconds followed by divisions of .5.
  • Select the second button to insert a row in the table after the last data point.
  • Select the third button to delete a selected data point in the table.
To reverse the rotation of the tilt, double-click the arrow that indicates the tilt direction on the model.