Preferences: Workspace

Define preferences for the user interface, including the display and language.

Preference Description
Show splash screen at startup Select this option to display the splash screen when starting the application.
Show tool names on ribbon Select this option to display the names of the tool icons on the ribbon.
Show workflow help Select this option to display hints when a tool is selected.
Scale UI Select this option to scale icons up for large displays (if the screen resolution is greater than 2000 pixels in width, or if the display text setting in Windows is set to Large).
Tip: We recommend that you select this option if you change the language to anything other than English.
Show upcoming features Enable this option to view features in development that have not yet been officially released.
Select all text when line editing Select this option to highlight all text when you click a text field on a dialog or a microdialog. Deselect this option to position the cursor where you click without selecting the entire text field.
Theme Select a color theme for the application.
Language Select a language for the user interface.
Tip: We recommend that you select Scale UI if you change the language to anything other than English.
Recent files Enter the maximum number of recently viewed files displayed in the File menu.
Disable swipe to exit The default right-click behavior is to open a context menu, where you can swipe through the check mark to exit. Disabling this option will require you to click on the check mark to exit,
Use online help By default, Inspire Mold points to the help online. Deselect this option to use offline help instead. You must first download and install the offline help using the File > Help > Download Offline Help menu option.
Offline help location Specify the directory where the offline help will be unzipped when downloaded.