DisplacementConstraint (hwx.inspire.core)

Displacement constraints can be applied to a model to limit deflections in desired locations and directions.


active: Bool boundDirection: Enum color: Color
connectionRadius: Double connectionType: Enum direction: Direction
distributed: Bool features: Attribute hasLowerBound: Bool
hasUpperBound: Bool localToPart: Bool location: Location
lowerBound: Double mode: Enum name: Attribute
part: Attribute parts: Attribute upperBound: Double
visible: Bool  


Public Methods

updatePosition (self, m44)

Attribute Details

active : Bool

Returns or sets the object activeness.

Setting this on or off sets all children. Setting to True sets all the parents active too.

boundDirection : Enum (all, one)

Limit to a sphere (all) or along a line (one). Valid choices are:

  • all
  • one

color : Color

The color assigned to the Boundary Condition.

connectionRadius : Double (units=”length”)

The search radius for the Boundary Condition.

connectionType : Enum (Rigid, Flexible)

The type of the connection. Valid choices are:

  • Rigid
  • Flexible

direction : Direction

Determines the z axis of the position along which limits are applied if boundDirection is one.

distributed : Bool

Returns whether the applied boundary condition is distributed or not.

Boundary conditions applied across the entire feature area (for faces) or length (for edges) are distributed and at a single point boundary conditions are non-distributed.

features : Attribute

Returns a list of features the entity is applied to.

hasLowerBound : Bool

Determines whether it has a lower bound.

hasUpperBound : Bool

Determines whether it has an upper bound.

localToPart : Bool

Returns or sets ‘Rotate with part’.

It makes boundary condition not to rotate or rotate along with its associated part.

location : Location (units=”length”)

Returns the location of the entity.

lowerBound : Double (units=”length”)

The lower limit.

Ignored if boundDirection==all

mode : Enum (direction, components)

Specifies the mode of the boundary condition.

Valid choices are:

  • direction
  • components

name : Attribute

Returns or sets the name of the object.

It can be any text string, including spaces, although it’s best to avoid using the following characters: ” ‘ * ? and $.

While these characters are allowed, they could create difficulties when you export the model to other applications.

part : Attribute

Returns the part on which the entity is applied graphically.

parts : Attribute

Returns a list of parts on which the entity is applied on.

upperBound : Double (units=”length”)

Limit sphere radius if boundDirection==all or upper limit

visible : Bool

Determines whether the Boundary Condition is visible or not.

Property Details


Returns and sets the position of the displacement constraint as a M44 matrix.

Method Details

updatePosition(self, m44)

Update the position by multiplying input M44 matrix.