OptiStruct generates output depending on various default settings and options. Additionally, the output variables are available in a variety of output formats, ranging from ASCII (for example, PCH) to binary files (for example, H3D).

The type and quantity of output available in any format varies based on the model and type of solution. It additionally depends on your preference with regard to the requested output via the different I/O Option Entries. The following is a general list of factors which influence the printing of output variables from OptiStruct.

The output generated by OptiStruct depends on the following factors:

  1. Solution Sequence (example, Linear Static analysis will not generate frequency-dependent output).
  2. Requested corresponding output parameters (like DISPLACEMENT I/O Options Entry).
  3. OUTPUT I/O Options Entry can be used in the I/O Options section to control the format of results output and creation of certain results files.
  4. Defaults (example, the OUT and STAT files are always output for all runs by default).

The interaction of all the factors mentioned here will dictate the type, quantity, and format of output generate by OptiStruct. If any particular output you are interested in is not available, then as a preliminary debugging run, see if the factors mentioned above have influenced the printing of your output. This is only a high-level description of the factors affecting output in OptiStruct. For detailed information, see the corresponding output format file documentation.