Hi-tech Electronic Applications

This section provides an overview of the capabilities of OptiStruct for the electronics industry. Example problems pertaining to the electronics industry are covered and common solution sequences (analysis techniques) are demonstrated.

The hi-tech electronics industry innovates a wide range of products every day. The electrification of our world is changing continuously. Devices are small, aesthetically good and complex. Thus, the design of these parts needs to go through various design phases, analysis variations, manufacturing, optimizations, and testing.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is an integral process of electronic devices and appliances simulation. Electronic components are subjected to various kinds of failure modes that can be caused by excessive current, excessive temperature, mechanical shock, radiation, stress, and impact, etc.

Applications in this section will vary from small models to larger models and deal with complex use cases. OptiStruct is a proven, modern structural solver with comprehensive, accurate and scalable solutions for linear, nonlinear analysis including statics, dynamics, vibrations, fatigue, thermal and multiphysics disciplines.
Electronic Devices Electronic Appliances
Cell phone Washing machine
Electronic pads Refrigerator
E-books Vacuum cleaner
Laptops Microwave
Electric hair dryer Clothes dryer
Smartwatches Printer
Electric drill machines Dishwasher
Bluetooth speakers Television

All of the above electronic products need to go through a wide range of FEA simulation cycles which will test product strength, life, reliability, and efficiency.

Solutions involving structural, thermal and multiphysics methods will be presented and solutions to some of these electronics applications using OptiStruct is described.

Figure 1. General Mapping of Electronic Applications to OptiStruct Solutions