Generates mesh.


ToolGenMesh( win, dialog, tail, args, sendState )


win (MainWindowObject)
Parent main window.
dialog (boolean)
A flag defining if the Process dialog should be shown or not.
tail (boolean)
A flag defining if AcuTail should be started or not.
args (dictionary)
The arguments of this process.
sendState (lambda function)
A lambda function which sends (reports) the state of the process to the process automation when required.

Return Value



  • The parent main window object specified by win must already exist.
  • The sendState lamdba function must be already defined.


This routine generates mesh. The parent main window is given by win. If the dialog is True the dialog of this tool function will be shown while running. The arguments of this function is given by args. If the tail is True, AcuTail will be started. When the sendState lambda function is called, it sends an event to the Process Automation dialog to report the current state of the process. For example, when sendState('finished') is called an event will be sent to the Process Automation dialog showing that this process is finished. This will allow the dependent process (the process which should be executed after the current process is finished) to be run. For example,
sendState = lambda state : postEvent( procId, state )
ToolGenMesh( Win, False, False, None, sendState )