Register a function depending on a parameter.


RegParTrace( path, par,
                      func, args )


path (string)
Data base path of the node containing the parameter.
par (string)
Parameter name.
func (function)
Name of the function to be registered.
args (tuple)
Tuple of function arguments.

Return Value



  • The function must already be defined.
  • The parameter must exist in the data base.
  • All of the arguments (path, par, func, args) must not be None.


This routine registers a function in order to call it later based on a parameter. The function will be called when the parameter value changes in the data base. The function name is given by func and the function's arguments are given by args. The parameter path in the data base and it's name are given by path and par, respectively. For example,
nodeEbc= nodeTmp + RS +
RegParTrace( path = nodeEbc, par = 'active',
             func = newItem.toggleState, args = None )