Move a node mesh set to a new model entity.


MoveMeshNbc( mesh, model, new=False )


mesh (string)
The node mesh set.
model (string)
The name of the model entity.
new (boolean)
Flag specifies whether to create a new mesh set or use the old one.

Return Value



  • The mesh and model must not be None.
  • If new = 'False' then the mesh must already exist.


This routine moves a node mesh set to a new model entity. If new is False, it only works on a mesh set that is already in the node model entities and only moves the mesh from one model to another one. If new is True, then you have a new mesh, hence it does not move but creates a new set for a node model. For example,

meshNbc = ROOT + RS + "Mesh" + RS + "Nodes"
meshChild = GetChildren( meshNbc )
MoveMeshNbc( mesh = meshChild, model = "Node_1",
    new = True )