Export in MDL

Use the Export in MDL utility to export body and joint definitions in the current database to a Model Definition Language (.mdl) file that can be opened with MotionView.

Export Bodies and Joints Using the Export in MDL Utility

  1. Enter a file name in the Save file as field or click and, on the Save file pop-up window, choose where to save the generated .mdl file.
  2. Click Accept to export body and joint definitions to an .mdl file.
    The Treat flexible bodies as rigid bodies checkbox controls the output of flexible bodies. Flexible bodies may be exported as either rigid or flexible bodies (flexible body export is not available at this time). The Use prescribed cog, mass and inertias where available checkbox controls the output of cog, mass and inertia values for each body. If this checkbox is unchecked, HyperMesh determines these properties for each body based on the model data. If this checkbox is checked, the values defined on the parameters subpanel of the bodies panel, should they exist, will be exported instead. The Select nodes for additional point definitions in MDL checkbox allows nodes to be selected for which MDL point definitions will be exported to the file.