Preserve Edges

Use the Preserve Edges macro to ensure that specific component edges and feature lines do not accidentally get discarded during autocleanup or batch meshing.

Both the BatchMesher and the autocleanup features seek to improve mesh speed and/or quality by suppressing minor features, which are assumed to be insignificant. However, sometimes minor features are still important to your analysis.

  1. From the Utility Browser, Geom/Mesh menu, click Preserve Edges.
    The Preserve Edges dialog opens.
  2. Use the options in the macro to define the edges.
    Table 1.
    Option Description
    Clear at start When this checkbox is active, any previously stored feature lines will purge each time you click Select Edges or Select Comps. Thus, picking a new set of lines starts over instead of adding to the selection.
    Select Edges Clicking this button displays a line selector in the panel area. Use the lines selector to choose the edges you wish preserved.
    Show Preserved Click this button to highlight the lines already marked for preservation.
    Comps selection boundary When active, this checkbox prevents the auto-cleanup function from equivalencing the boundaries between adjacent components.
    Select Comps Clicking this button displays a component selector in the panel area. Use the comps selector to choose the components whose boundary edges you wish preserved.
    Note: This will not preserve lines inside the components, only the outer boundary edge.
    Clear All Edges Removes all edges from the preservation list.
    Save Preserved Saves the preservation state, so that autocleanup and BatchMesher will know which lines must be preserved.
    Reset Highlight After clicking Show Preserved, use this button to remove the highlight from the preserved lines.

    The lines remain preserved; only the visual highlighting effect is removed (until you click Show Preserved again).

    OK Accepts any changes you have made and closes the pop-up window.
    Cancel Discards any changes and closes the pop-up window.