Trim Holes

Create a circular hole of a given radius in the mesh at a node specifying the center of the hole, as well as specify a number of layers of washer elements to include.

  1. From the Utility Browser, Geom/Mesh menu, click Trim Hole.
    A node selector panel opens.
  2. Pick nodes on your model for the centers of each hole that you wish to create, then click proceed.
    The Mesh Trimming with Circular Holes dialog opens.
  3. Edit the options in the dialog to determine the type of hole that is created at each chosen node.
    Table 1.
    Option Description
    Hole Radius Each node will receive a hole of this radius, measured from the node.
    Number of layers This is the number of layers of washer mesh elements that you want to surround each hole.
    Uniform/Varying This toggle only applies when the number of layers is more than zero, and specifies whether you want mesh layers to all be the same width, or to vary from one another.
    No. The number of a specific washer layer. If you chose varying width for the layers, the table displays one row for each of the number of layers that you specified. Otherwise, only one row displays because all layers will be set to the same values.
    Scale/Width Determines the width of the washer layers.
    You can specify each layer’s scale relative to the Hole radius. For example, use "0.5" for a washer layer that’s half as wide as the hole radius.
    Specify a fixed width for each layer.
    Value The scale factor or width of the layer(s).
    Create rigid spider along the hole This checkbox will create a rigid spider in each of the new holes created, and enables two more options:
    individual rigid links
    Create rigid elements at each node of the new hole.
    single rigid link
    Create one rigid element that connects to all of the nodes around the new hole.
    Minimum number of nodes around the hole This determines the mesh density around the new hole(s). Each new hole will be created with at least the number of nodes that you specify in the density field, evenly spaced around its circumference.
    Reject If you do not like the results of the last trim operation, click this button to undo it.
    Note: This only undoes a single click of the Trim button, so it can only undo multiple holes if they were created simultaneously during a single trim operation.
  4. Click Trim to create the new hole(s).