Advanced Action Buttons

Located adjacent to the view option toggle buttons, these two buttons allow you to show, hide, isolate or isolate only "twin" connectors. Twin connectors are connectors which reference at least two matching link entities. The criteria for exactly how twin connectors must match can be increased in the Connector Entity Browser Configuration Window to require all links to match exactly, instead of only two or more matching ones. These advanced actions then select the connectors referencing the same links and perform the desired action (show, hide, and so on) upon them.

Figure 1.
These buttons only enable when you select at least one connector entity from the graphics area or the Connector Entity Browser tree, and they perform different actions depending on the mouse button used:
Button Name Left-Click Behavior Right-Click Behavior
Show/Hide Show twin connectors Hide twin connectors
Isolate/Isolate Only Isolate twin connectors Isolate only twin connectors

Unlike other action-type buttons, these two are not affected by the view option toggle buttons (1st connector, 2nd connector, or linked entity). However, they do work in conjunction with the realization view option button.