Action Mode Tools

The series of icons found on the right side of the Connector Entity Browser control both entity selection and the display of the model. These buttons behave in two different ways depending on the setting of the view option buttons. If no view option button is active, the core behavior of the action mode tools (show/hide/isolate) applies exclusively to the selected connectors, similarly to components in the component view of the Model Browser. For that reason, this topic focuses on their behavior when a view option is active.

In this mode the actions like show, hide, isolate or isolate only are not only done on the selection; based on the selection, the browser performs a process of finding and filtering so that further entities can be taken into account for the action depending on the setting of the view option toggle buttons.

Use these tool set buttons to advance or step back through multiple selected connectors, pick connectors from the graphics area, add connectors to an active panel's entity collector, turn the display of individual connectors on and off, visually isolate specific connectors, or undo any visual modifications (show/hide/isolate).