Load Materials From the Material Library

In this task you will learn how to load materials that are saved in a material library.

Materials that can be loaded into the library are dependent on the current user profile. For example, if you are in the OptiStruct user profile, only OptiStruct materials will be shown.

  1. In the Model Browser, click the Materials View icon () on the toolbar.
  2. In an empty area of the browser window, right-click and select Library > Load from the context menu.

    Figure 1.
    The Load From Library dialog displays.
  3. From the listing of materials, select the items you want to load by activating the checkbox next to the material.
    Note: If you click on an item to highlight it, you will see its material properties in the lower half of the dialog on the Properties tab. This allows you to review the material before bringing it into the session.
  4. Click the History tab to display the revision history of the selected material.
    Note: You can roll back to an earlier revision of the material by right-clicking on the appropriate revision and selecting Switch from the context menu.

    Figure 2.
  5. After you have selected the materials you would like to load, click OK.
    The materials are now defined along with their card images.