Resolved Issues

The following is a list of issues that were resolved in 2019.

Resolved Issues 2019.4

  • Fixed an issue where the Measure tool failed to show the curvilinear length and radius for circular edges.
  • Fixed an issue where callouts were not being created correctly.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue with positioning of the pad relative to the attached tool in closed position for multi-stage operation analysis.
  • Tryout: Force plots have been corrected to show the force in the forming direction rather than the resultant force.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue with positioning of tools based on the operation setting rather than the individual tools setting in multi-stage operations.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue where the pin position was not updated based on changes to its diameter.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue with thinning results when running a tryout analysis with a fine mesh smaller than 2 mm.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue where tailor welded blanks were treated as an independent piece during the run.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue that caused run failures for multi-stage operations when a point or vertex on a blank shares more than one symmetry plane.
  • Tryout: Fixed an issue that caused piercing to fail when the pierce line was outside of the blank.
  • Feasibility: Fixed an issue where the surface failed to mesh and was missing results.
  • Feasibility: Fixed an issue that caused run failures due to foreign language characters in the run name.
  • Feasibility: Fixed an issue creating and loading flat blanks after feasibility analysis.

Resolved Issues 2019.3

  • Trimming with open trim lines improved to identify removable areas in the blank.
  • Blank Nesting improved to support flat blanks as part.
  • Runs at Model Location appear in the Run History even if file and run names are different.
  • Warning message provided before multiple parts are designated to a single tool.
  • Die Compensation works for custom forming operations.
  • Multistage stamping now works even if the symmetry plane location on the blank were trimmed.
  • Multiple line selection for draw beads fixed so that a draw bead is created for each continuous line.

Resolved Issues: 2019.2

  • Modifying the CAM tool direction using the manipulator is corrected to align with the draw direction.
  • Pin creation on the sheet edge is improved to handle arbitrary edge selection.
  • Feasibility run failures due to sliver-like elements and elements of negative volume are fixed.

Resolved Issues: 2019

  • When you close the application, the analysis will continue to run. Once the run has completed, the results will be available in the run history.
  • Improved performance when loading results for large models while post-processing individual operations or reviewing stages of a multistage operation.