Flux Skew

Flux Skew is a module allowing to facilitate the realization of a quasi 3D or 2 ½ D study starting from a 2D description.


This chapter deals with the Skew slots module and answers following three questions:

  • What is possible to model with Flux? (conceivable modeling, typical example)
  • How to describe the problem in Flux? (module specific for the description of material media, of sources, of boundary conditions, …)
  • How are results analyzed with Flux? (module specific and explanation of results, …)

Reading advice

The Skew slots module comprises the different standard magnetic applications of Flux (Magneto Static, Transient Magnetic, Steady state AC Magnetic), as well as the possibilities of kinematic coupling and circuit coupling.

Only the specific aspects of the Skew slots module are dealt with in this section. For the other aspects, see the concerned chapters.

Another document

A complete example of a machine dealt with this module is described in the “Induction Motor with Skewed Rotor” technical paper.