Card Formats

Two card formats are supported namely column-based and colon-separated. This is relevant to users who externally generate Feko input files and can be ignored by users using EDITFEKO to modify the cards.

Note: The two formats may be mixed in a single input file.

Column Based Format

This format separates the individual integer and real parameters in columns, see Figure 1. The upper numbers indicate the columns. The name field (“xx”) in columns 1 and 2 specifies the type of the card (all cards start with a unique two character combination). This is followed by five integer parameters I1 to I5 (these input fields may also contain text such as node names) containing five digits each, and eight real-value parameters R1 to R8 containing ten digits each.

Figure 1. Column based card format in EDITFEKO. The numbers above the table (1, 6, 10, 15, 20...110) indicate the columns.

Colon Separated Format

The colon separated format separates the individual integer and real parameters by a colon character. It is a less restrictive format than the column-based format. Unlike the column-based format, integer and real input fields are not restricted to 5 or 10 characters respectively. Note that the card name is still located in columns 1 and 2. The name is followed by a colon in column 3. The rest of the card has no spacing limitations.

For example:
DP: S1 : : : : : #x : #y : #z
BP: S2 : S2 : S3 : S4