The FILEREAD function reads data from an arbitrary ASCII file.

Read a numerical value using the following general syntax:
fileread("Filename", Line, Column)

The FILEREAD command contains the file name, the line number to read from and the column to read. The data in the respective columns of any line are separated by one or more spaces or tab characters.

For example, consider a data file containing a list of frequencies and a load impedance for each frequency:
Frequency in MHz   Re(load) in Ohm   Im(load in Ohm)
100                  22.54              -12.56
150                  25.07              -6.54
200                  27.42               0.23
The frequency and loading can be imported directly from this file using the following example code:
#numfreq = 3 ** Number of frequencies
!!for #i = 1 to #numfreq
** Define the frequency (conversion from MHz to Hz)
#freq = 1.0e6*fileread("datafile.dat", #i+1, 1)
FR   1    0                   #freq
** Define the load
#Zr = fileread("datafile.dat", #i+1, 2)
#Zi = fileread("datafile.dat", #i+1, 3)
LZ                  0         #Zr       #Zi
** Computations ...
!!next ** End of frequency loop